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We are now excepting pre-orders for 2008 Garlic. Harvesting is underway and we look forward to a great crop of over 15 varieties.

All Seeds are $2.75
 per Pack.

  Variety Description

Green Globe (20 Seeds)  $2.75

6 foot plants have 10-14 buds per plant. Pick the buds when they are young to ensure tenderness. These are really interesting to grow..
Beans, Dry

Appaloosa, Red (40 Seeds)  $2.75

This bean is a beautiful bean with splashes of burgundy on white. Southwestern US origin.
Appaloosa  (40 Seeds)  $2.75

Same coloring as an Appaloosa Pony. Southwestern US origin.
Black Valentine (40 seeds)  $2.75

Introduced in 1897 by Henderson Seed Company. Great tasting green bean that is very productive. The seeds can also be dried and used in soups...a jet black bean.


Orca  (40 seeds)  $2.75


A uniquely bi-colored bean with a Yin Yang pattern

Also known as: Black Calypso and Yin Yang.

Pebble (40 seeds)  $2.75

This is a unique bean to grow as it has different colored beans in every pod! These add a great variety of colors to soups, salsas, and chili.
Snowcap (40 seeds)  $2.75

Large kidney shaped tan beans with burgundy spots and a snow "cap" on the edge. Very beautiful and they also have incredible flavor.
Swedish Brown (40 seeds)  $2.75

Brought to the US by Swedish immigrants in the early 1900's. These make great baked beans.
Vermont Cranberry (40 seeds)  $2.75

A New England tradition! These beans are brightly colored and have a nutty flavor.
Wren's Egg (40 seeds)  $2.75

Also known as Taylor's Horticultural which was offered in seed catalogs in the 1800's. Pole bean habit. Harvest early for fresh snap beans or let dry on vines for shelling.
Yellow Indian Woman (40 seeds)  $2.75

Originally grown by Native Americans in Montana. This runner style pole bean is light yellow in color and is very flavorful.
Beans, Bush Snap
KENTUCKY WONDER  BUSH  (50 seeds)  $2.75

Originally introduced in the late 1800's. This variety has been one of the most popular home garden varieties ever due to its excellent flavor and heavy yield.
TENDERETTE (50 seeds)  $2.75

This disease resistant variety does well in hot weather. Dark green long pods with a great bean flavor.
Beans, Bush Lima
HENDERSON BUSH LIMA   (50 Seeds)  $2.75

Discovered in 1883 growing on the roadside in Lynchburg, Virginia. A prolific drought resistant plant yields loads of pods with 3-4 seeds to a pod. This buttery flavored baby lima produces 3 to 4, excellent tasting beans per pod.  A favorite and staple in an heirloom garden.
Beans, Pole Lima
CHRISTMAS (50 Seeds)  $2.75

1840's - Will grow up to 10 feet high! Produces heavy yields of 4-6 inch pods with 4-5 white and maroon mottled seeds.
KING OF THE GARDEN (50 Seeds)  $2.75

1883 - Vines reach 7-8 feet and produce very long 7-8 inch pods with up to 6 beans per pod.
Beans, Pole
Kentucky Wonder (50 seeds)  $2.75

A very popular bean with today's gardeners. It was originally grown in 1864 and produces 5-6 foot vines that are loaded with 8-9 inch pods.
RATTLESNAKE POLE BEAN (50 seeds)  $2.75

This old bean produces 8-10 foot vines that yield beautiful long green and purple mottled pods. Beans inside are also mottled and are great in soups.
SCARLET RUNNER (25 Seeds)  $2.75

A very old heirloom that has graced American gardens since the early 1800's. Vines can grow up to 15 feet on a trellis or string and produce some hefty sized pods with beautiful pink and purple mottled beans. These are our favorite colored beans! Bright red blossoms attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
Cylindra (50 seeds)  $2.75

A long dark red beet that is great for slicing as it provides uniform slices. Nice smooth texture and great taste.
BULL'S BLOOD (50 seeds)  $2.75

A very flavorful dark red beet. Great for canning or fresh with some butter and salt!
CHIOGGIA (50 seeds)  $2.75

Available as far back as the 1840's. This old Italian heirloom is a popular as ever! Medium sized beets have a wonderful flavor and have alternating red and white rings making them a truly gourmet vegetable.
DETROIT DARK RED (50 seeds)  $2.75

1892 - These medium sized dark red beets are the most popular beets grown today. Great flavor and texture make these a garden favorite.
WALTHAM (50 seeds)

18-20 inch plants produce medium sized dark green heads that can be harvested and the plant will continue to grow many edible side shoots over the growing season.
Brussels Sprouts
LONG ISLAND IMPROVED (50 Seeds)  $2.75

This is the most popular heirloom Brussels Sprouts grown. Once a mainstay in most gardens, Brussels Sprouts have started regaining popularity again Each plant can yield up to 100 sprouts that have a great flavor and are loaded with nutrients.
Chinese Michihile (75 Seeds)  $2.75

3-5 lb heads can grow up to 18 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. Crisp and tender with a mild flavor.
COPENHAGEN MARKET (75 Seeds)  $2.75

3-4 pound heads are uniform in shape and good keepers. One of the earliest cabbage varieties.
GOLDEN ACRE (75 Seeds)  $2.75

3-4 lb heads are produced earlier than other varieties. Compact and sweet.. Makes great coleslaw or Pigs in a Blanket.
RED Acre (75 Seeds)  $2.75

2-4 lb hard red heads. This variety is resistant to splitting and is a good keeper.
Early Jersey Wakefield (75 Seeds)  $2.75

1840's - Small 1.5-2 lb heads are oval shaped and very flavorful. Offered in most seed catalogs in the late 1800's.
Mammoth Red Rock (75 Seeds)  $2.75

1890's - Large deep red heads that add color to salads. Good yields of compact heads.
Late Flat Dutch (75 Seeds)  $2.75

1860's - One of the best varieties grown in early gardens. Heads are an outstanding 10-15 lbs yet they are still flavorful and tender.
CHANTENAY (300 Seeds)  $2.75

1900s - A heavy yielder of sweet 5-7 inch carrots...even in poor soil!
Danvers Half Long (300 Seeds)  $2.75

1871 - Produces 6-7 inch carrots that have been a mainstay for American gardeners. Productive and dependable.
Little Finger (300 Seeds)  $2.75

A French variety that produces sweet little 3" carrots that have a wonderful flavor straight from the garden.
Golden Pascal (50 seeds)  $2.75

Tender string less stalks have a great flavor. Disease resistant.
GEORGIA (50 seeds)  $2.75

2.5 feet tall plants produce huge bluish-green leaves. A good variety for southern heat.  
VATES (50 seeds)  $2.75

 30 inch plants produce dark green crumpled leaves. Plants are slow to bolt and are more well adapted for cooler climates than the Georgia variety.
Boston Pickling (60 Seeds)  $2.75

1880 - Also called National Pickling. A heavy producer of medium sized 5-6 inch cukes with black spines.  Great for pickling. Pick cucumbers before they get too large and begin to yellow.
Homemade Pickles (60 Seeds)  $2.75

Another good pickling cucumber. Long vines produce a good number of 5" fruits that are crisp and uniform in shape. Perfect for pickles.
Black Beauty (50 Seeds)  $2.75

1902 - This variety is the most widely grown eggplant in American gardens. 1-3 lb glossy black fruit are 6-8 inches long. Plants average 4-6 fruits.
Long Purple (50 Seeds)  $2.75

A beautiful long purple eggplant originally from Italy. Plants bear a heavy yield of fruits that are fine textured and have a rich smooth flavor.
EARLY PURPLE VIENNA (50 Seeds)  $2.75

1860's - Plants have a round purple base with short stocky stems. About a week later than the white variety.
EARLY WHITE VIENNA (50 Seeds)  $2.75

12 inch high plants are pale green colored. Good flavor and texture.
GIANT MUSSELBURG (50 Seeds)  $2.75

1870 - Also known as American Flag. 9-15 inch stalks are tender and mild tasting. Can be grown under a wide range of conditions and can over winter in many areas.
Lettuce, Head
Iceberg (50 seeds)  $2.75

1894 - Compact heads with light green leaves and a rouge border. Disease resistant
Grand Rapids (50 seeds)  $2.75

Nice round heads with light green leaves. A good yielding lettuce that is slow to bolt.
Prize Head (50 seeds)  $2.75

Smaller heads of bright green tightly packed leaves. Plant at two week intervals to extend the growing season.
Lettuce, Leaf
Black Seeded Simpson (50 seeds)  $2.75

1850 - One of the most popular loose leaf lettuces still today. Large light green plants produce tender leaves that are crisp and not bitter. Direct seed outdoors.
Red Sails (50 seeds)  $2.75

AAS winner. Reddish bronze leaves grow up to 12 inches in diameter and turn a more pronounced red in the fall. High in vitamins, this mild flavored lettuce is slow to bolt and will provide a good quantity of high quality greens for salads.
Oakleaf (50 seeds)  $2.75

1800's - Medium dark green leaves are shaped similar to oak leaves. Plants are slow to bolt and is well suited for hot summers.
Banana (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1883 - A 16-18 inch long banana shaped melon that has a smooth light yellow skin with an orange interior. This melon has a truly unique aroma that resembles ripe bananas and an extremely sweet flavor. Highly recommended!
Hearts of Gold (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1917 - 3-4 lb fruits are dark green and heavily netted. Prolific plants are more resistant to blight than other varieties.  Produces dark orange flesh that is very sweet and flavorful.
Honey Rock (20 Seeds)  $2.75

All American Winner 1933. Originally developed in the early 1900's by F. W. Richardson of Ohio. 3-4 lb. light cream colored melons are heavily netted with salmon colored flesh. Productive plants are resistant to fusarium wilt.
Rocky Ford (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1881 - Also known as Eden's Gem. 2-3 lb fruits are heavily netted and have a green flesh that is sweet and juicy. Developed by J. W. Eastwood in Colorado
Mustard Greens
Florida Broadleaf (50 seeds)  $2.75

18-24 inch plants produce a solid cluster of large green leaves. A popular variety in the south as it well suited for the hot summers.
SOUTHERN GIANT CURLED (50 seeds)  $2.75

1740's - Large plants produce bright green crumpled leaves with a slightly pungent flavor. A slow bolting variety that is cold tolerant and slow bolting.
TENDERGREEN (50 seeds)  $2.75

Large plants with smooth green leaves. This early variety has heat and drought tolerance yet at the same time having a great mild flavor. Our favorite mustard green.
CLEMSON SPINELESS (60 Seeds)  $2.75

1939 All American Selection winner.   was first introduced in 1939.  Large plants yield loads of dark green pods up to 3 inches long. A very popular variety since its inception.
COWHORN (60 Seeds)  $2.75

6-7 foot tall plants produce loads of tender 10-12 inch shiny green pods that are ribbed and twisted similar to a cow's horn. Excellent flavor.
RED BURGUNDY (60 Seeds)  $2.75

3-4 foot plants produce 6-7 inch pods that are burgundy in color. Best when picked young. Heat and drought tolerant.
Onions, Bunching

1880's - The most widely grown bunching onion. Each plant produces clusters of6-9 stalks that are about a foot tall. Slow bolting and cold hardy. Can be planted in fall or spring.
WHITE LISBON (150 Seeds)  $2.75

14-16 inch stalks  grow in clusters and produce great tasting onions that are heat tolerant.
Onions, Bulbing
CRYSTAL WAX (50 seeds)  $2.75

Small white Bermuda style onions are best if used fresh or great pickled as pearl onions.
RED BURGUNDY (50 seeds)  $2.75

3-4 inch diameter onions are dark red in color and make great slicers for hamburgers or chopped in salsa or chili. Grows well in the north.
WHITE SWEET SPANISH (50 seeds)  $2.75

Large oblong onions have a white skin and interior. These make an attractive dish when mixed with red onions. A standard kitchen variety that is a good general purpose onion.
YELLOW SWEET SPANISH (50 seeds)  $2.75

Large oblong onions have a yellowish brown skin and yellow flesh. A standard kitchen variety that is a good general purpose onion that has good keeping qualities. Sweet and mild flavored.
Hollow Crown (150 Seeds)  $2.75

1850 - This variety is still the most popular parsnip grown today. 10-15 inch long roots have a finely grained flesh that is sweet and flavorful. Withstands frost and stores well.
Peas, Garden
Alaska (50 seeds)  $2.75

1880 - This variety was named after a steamship that held the Transatlantic speed record back in the 1800's. Three feet tall plants produce loads of 2-3 inch pods that have several small green peas. Good flavor for canning and soups.
Little Marvel (50 seeds)  $2.75

1908 - Thick dwarf bushes produce a good crop of 3-4 inch pods with dark green peas. Wilt resistant.
Thomas Laxton (50 seeds)  $2.75

1900 - Named after a famous Pea breeder. Three foot plants produce heavy crops of 4-5 long pods with 7-9 peas in each! Good wilt resistance.
Wando (50 seeds)  $2.75

Two foot tall plants have bush habit an do not require a trellis. Plants bear loads of  3 long pods with 7-9 dark green peas each.
Peas, Snap
Mammoth Melting Sugar (50 seeds)  $2.75

1906 - Tall 4-5 foot plants need support via staking or a trellis. Large sweet pods retain their sweet flavor even as they mature. Plants are very productive and show some wilt resistance.
Sugar Snap (50 seeds)  $2.75

All American Selection winner. 3 inch long pods are thick and plentiful. Vines will grow up to 6 foot tall and are best served with a trellis. Plant in garden five weeks before last spring frost. Fall planting can also be done approximately 11 weeks before the first fall frost.
Anaheim Chili - (20 Seeds)  $2.75
7-8" peppers turn red when ripe. Listed as a hot pepper but this variety is fairly mild.

Ancho Grande - (20 Seeds)  $2.75

Smaller green peppers turn red when ripe.  Plants produce a good number of peppers and grow to 30-36".

Cayenne Long Red - (20 Seeds)  $2.75
Long thin hot peppers start out as green then turn a shade of orange before a dark red when ripe.
Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot - (20 Seeds)  $2.75
Plants produce a large number of 6-7" long banana shaped peppers.  Good in Salsa making
Jalapeno -  (20 Seeds)  $2.75


3" long blocky green peppers.  Will turn red when fully ripe.  Good for salsas and chopped in dishes if you want to add some heat.
Large Red Cherry - (20 Seeds)  $2.75
Round quarter to half dollar sized peppers are productive and fairly hot.
Long Red Cayenne  (20 Seeds)  $2.75

Two foot tall plants produce a load of 6-7" long thin red peppers. Medium heat makes these great for soups, salsa, and chili. Wear protective gloves when processing any hot pepper.

NuMex Big Jim - (20 Seeds)  $2.75

This variety claims the world's largest pepper growing up to 12" long. Mild heat.
Sante Fe Grande - (20 Seeds)  $2.75
2" long green hot peppers.
Serrano Chili - (20 Seeds)  $2.75
2-2.5" long thin hot peppers...the hottest we offer.  Plants are very productive.
Hungarian Wax - Sweet  (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1941 - Also known as Sweet Banana pepper. 18-24 inch plants produce about a dozen peppers that are light greenish yellow in color and about six inches long. Still a very popular pepper today.
California Wonder  (20 Seeds)  $2.75

A traditional green blocky pepper. 24 inch plants produce a good quantity of peppers with thick walls and a mild pepper flavor. Good stuffed or cut in strips for fresh eating.
CHERRY BELLE (150 Seeds)  $2.75

1949 - All American Selection winner. A very early bright red radish with pure white flesh
Crimson Giant (150 Seeds)  $2.75

A bright red radish that produce some of the largest round radishes ever! Stays sweet and flavorful even when large.
Early Scarlet Globe (150 Seeds)  $2.75

A very earlier bright red radish. Crisp pure white interior has a great radish flavor.
French Breakfast (150 Seeds)  $2.75

1879 - 2 inch long blunt tipped radishes are bright red in color with a white tip. A good flavored radish that is a nice alternative to the standard globe shaped varieties.
Hailstone (150 Seeds)  $2.75

A smaller globe shaped white radish with a very appropriate name. Good solid flavor and crisp flesh.
Sparkler, White Tip (150 Seeds)  $2.75

Similar to French Breakfast but tapered to a point. Bright red cylinders with a white tip.

WHITE ICICLE (150 Seeds)  $2.75

5-6 inch long white tapered radishes have a crisp mild flavored flesh. A favorite with chefs.!
American Purple Top (50 seeds)  $2.75

1920 - 4-6 inch round roots have purplish-red shoulders and a cream colored body. Yellow colored flesh is solid and mild flavored. Good keeping qualities.

1860's - This is the most widely grown variety of Salsify. Similar in shape to parsnips, roots are 8-10 inches long and have a flavor some say resembles oysters. Flavor improves if harvested after a fall frost.

1925 - This is the most widely planted Spinach in the United States. Dark green crumpled leaves are great for salads. Plants are strong growers and tolerant to summer heat. Slow bolting provides longer harvest period.
Squash, Summer
Crookneck - Early  Summer (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1700's - This heirloom dates back to the 1700's and is still a very popular variety today with market growers and home gardeners. Bright yellow fruits are covered with warts. Flesh is sweet and finely grained.
Early Prolific Straight neck (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1938 All American Selection - bush type plants produce bright yellow fruits similar in shape to zucchini. Pick squash when they are 5-6 inches long to promote additional setting. Great in oriental stir-frys and any mixed vegetable dish.
White Bush Scallop (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1700's - Another very old heirloom grown by American Indians. Bush type plants produce light green colored 3 inch by 6 inch oblong flattened 2-3 lb. squash with scalloped edges. Very good flavor that has proven itself for hundreds of years.
Zucchini - Black Beauty (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1931 - Bush type plants are fast growing and very prolific. Pick squash when they are 5-6 inches long to promote additional setting. Great flavor and tender flesh. This is the most widely grown squash in American gardens.
Squash, Winter and Pumpkins
Big Max (10 Seeds)  $2.75

110 days. (C. maxima) Huge pumpkins can grow well over 100 lbs! Nearly round, bright orange fruit are stunning and are good for pies and canning. Very thick, orange flesh. Good for county fairs and displays.
Burgess Buttercup (20 Seeds)  $2.75

Plants are of bush habit and produce 3-4 lb squash that are dark green and somewhat blocky in shape. Bright orange flesh is sweet and flavorful. An excellent baking squash.
Connecticut Field (15 Seeds)  $2.75

1700's - This is an extremely old heirloom grown by American Indians during the early days of our country. Produces 20-25 lb. pumpkins that are excellent for carving. Flesh is fairly stringy and tasteless so it is not recommended for baking.
Cushaw, Green Striped (15 Seeds)  $2.75

Similar in shape to a crookneck summer squash. This green and white striped variety can grow up to 30 lbs. Flesh is a light orange color and can be used for pies. Also makes an interesting fall display when mixed in with the many other interesting shaped squash.
Delicata (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1894 - Offered by Henderson Seed Company in the late 1800's - Vines produce a good number of oblong cream yellow and green striped squash. Flesh is a light yellow color and is very sweet. Slice lengthwise, scoop out seeds, and bake with butter and salt/pepper. Great size for individual servings.
Fairytale Pumpkin (15 Seeds)  $2.75

A French heirloom similar to Cinderella with deep ribbing. Pumpkins are buckskin in color and can grow up to 25 pounds. Deep orange flesh is tender and sweet, excellent for baking.
Hubbard, Blue (15 Seeds)  $2.75

1800's - Light grayish Blue squash are long and tapered at both ends and can weigh up to 25-30 lbs! Dry orange flesh has a great flavor and is one of our favorites for freezing. Squash need to be sliced or broken into chunks for baking.
Hubbard, Chicago Warted (15 Seeds)  $2.75

1894 - Originally offered in Chicago by Vaughans Seed Store. 8-12 lb. dark greenish Blue squash have a true Hubbard shape and are heavily warted and are long and tapered at both ends and can weigh up to 25-30 lbs! Dry orange flesh has a great flavor and is one of our favorites for freezing. Squash need to be sliced or broken into chunks for baking.
Jaradale (10 Seeds)  $2.75

An heirloom variety from Australia. This beautiful grey colored pumpkins are very heavily ribbed. Flesh is bright orange and very sweet which makes it great for pies and cooking. 5-15 lbs.
Jumbo Pink Banana (15 Seeds)  $2.75

105 days. (C. maxima) Large, pink banana-shaped fruit, can weigh 10-40 lbs. This variety is about 100 years old. We have grown this squash for many years, fine flavored, dry, sweet orange flesh, popular on the west coast, large yields.
Long Island Cheese (10 Seeds)  $2.75

These old heirloom varieties resemble a wheel of cheese. Light yellow/tannish squash grow 4-12 lbs are flattened in shape and with faint ribbing.
Spaghetti Squash (20 Seeds)  $2.75

1934 - Japanese origin. These oval yellow colored squash have a very stringy flesh that can be scooped out and used in spaghetti dishes. Mild flavor
Swiss Chard
Luccullus (50 seeds)  $2.75

1750 -  A large growing plant with dark green crumpled leaves. Good flavor on this high yielding variety that withstands mild frosts.
Purple Top White Globe (50 seeds)  $2.75

1800's - The most popular turnip in American Gardens today. Leaves will grow up to two feet tall. Creamy white roots are flattened in shape with purple shoulders.
SEVEN TOP (50 seeds)  $2.75

1845 - Grown for its greens as the root is not edible. Produces 1.5-2 foot tall tender greens that can be harvested over a long growing season.
Moon and Stars (10 Seeds)  $2.75

A beautiful heirloom melon that has unique markings resembling stars with a larger moon spot at one end. Very sweet red flesh with an average number of seeds.