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Over 700 Varieties of great Heirloom Tomato seeds.  Heirloom tomatoes just can't be beat for their outstanding flavor and the beauty they add to recipes and dishes with their many shapes, sizes, and colors.  Our website offers a list of over 700 Varieties of heirloom tomatoes, open pollinated tomatoes, growing tips, gardening links, and seed saving information.


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Photo Variety Days Description

Abraham Lincoln
  An heirloom variety known for its dark red fruits that are free from cracks. Red  
Akers West Virginia

80 A good producer of nicely shaped red globes that bear up until a hard frost.  Not as tasty as some, but great for sauces and salsas. Red  
Amana Orange

90 Large orange colored fruits originally from the Amana Colonies in Iowa.  Orange
Amish Paste


75 A great heirloom variety for canning.  8 oz. fruits are very meaty and great for sauce making. Red  
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red

85 Good flavor from medium sized bright red fruits. Red  
Anna Russian


70 Large one pound pink and red heart shaped fruits.  The seed was said to originate from a Russian immigrant in Oregon several generations ago. Pink
Arkansas Traveler


85 6 oz. fruits have a creamy mild flavor.  This variety was discovered in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri. Red  
Aunt Ginny's


80 This German beefsteak has plenty of flavor. Yields are average but this variety makes up for it in its superb flavor.
Aunt Ruby's German Green

80 A sweet delicious flavor with a hint of spice.  12-16 oz. fruits have a light green skin with a dark green interior when fully ripe...these look great sliced on a plate with some of the darker red varieties.  Green


75 6-8 oz. Great tasting fruits. Vines are loaded with fruit.  Reddish-Orange
Banana Legs


85 A unique yellow paste tomato. Plants produce wispy leaves but bear a good quantity of mild flavored fruit.
Beauty Blanc


70 A medium sized white tomato, whiter than White Wonder and somewhat smaller. Flavor is mild with little acid.
Besser Cherry

75 A very old German Cherry tomato that produces clusters of 8-12 tomatoes on large sprawling vines. Red  
Black Brandywine

80 A brandywine style tomato that was crossed at some point with an unknown "black" variety possible Cherokee Purple or Black Krim. Great flavor and a good slicer. Best if used right after picking as it doesn't keep well.
Black Cherry


70 A new variety for us. Plants produce a good quantity of purple/black cherry tomatoes that have a flavor that resembles Black Krim. Plants beared up through October here in Ohio. Purple-Black
Black Krim


70 Another black variety...fruits are a super dark red with greenish tops.  Sweet and tasty flavor.  Purple-Black
Black Plum Black Plum


80 Egg shaped dusky brown fruits similar in color to Cherokee Purple. Plants are variable depending upon growing year about 20 fruits, the next year near 200 fruits Purple-Black
Black Seaman

80 Good producer of 8-10 oz. Dusky brown fruits with green shoulders. Similar to Cherokee Purple but has a different flavor and a more pronounced color when sliced. Purple-Black


80 A large plant that bears a load of sweet dime sized yellow cherry tomatoes in clusters of 15-20. Fruit is steadfast to vine
Bloody Butcher

65 Very early and very productive plant producing loads of small 2-3 oz. Round red tomatoes with a greenish shoulder. Flavor is OK but these are great if you have a short growing season. Loaded with seeds. Red  
Borgo Cellano


75 Oval Cherry tomatoes with a pointed tip. Very productive plants. Good for sauces and salads.  Red    Italy
Box Car Willie


What a Name!!!..This old variety is a Prolific yielder...average fruit size is 10-16 oz!!.  Crack free and Disease resistant too!!  Red




80 A favorite Amish heirloom variety that goes back to the late 1800's.  Fruits grow up to 24 oz....we had many 15-16 oz. fruits last year.  Red


85 A medium sized orange tomato - 6-8 oz.   Adds a great color to salads and salsa.  Not as prolific as others but makes a nice addition to your garden.  Orange
Campbell's 1327

85 A great variety for growing in adverse conditions.  Very disease resistant yet has excellent flavor and good color and texture.  Red
Caro Rich


85 An orange 4-6 oz. tomato which is extremely high in Beta Carotene which gives rise to the name and wonderful orange color.   Smaller fruits but very prolific.  Orange
Caspian Pink


85 This is the variety that beat Brandywine in recent taste tests!!  Originally from Russia. Great for slicing or dicing in a salad.  Red


85 A smaller ribbed, slightly flattened red tomato that bears quite heavily. Flavor is full bodied with a bit of acid.  Red
Chadwick Cherry


85 This is nice red cherry tomato.....very prolific!  Red
Cherokee Purple

85 8-12 oz. pink-purple fruits are crack free and disease resistant.  Purple-Black


85 Large red beefsteaks that are slightly ribbed. Great flavor.   Red


Cuore de Toro


75 An heirloom variety from Italy.   Oxheart shaped fruits weigh up to 2 lbs!!!  A very sweet tomato that is an excellent producer.  Red
Cuore di Bue


75 Medium sized oxheart shaped fruits similar to Cuore de Toro but have greenish shoulders. Very meaty with few seeds. A great old Italian heirloom. Italy Red

75 A very large red beefsteak that produces 1-2 lb. meaty solid fruits. Fewer fruits on a plant but their size makes up for the numbers. You need some big hamburgers with this one! Red
De Pinto


75 Red Paste tomato that is very solid on vines that are truly loaded with fruit. Need extra staking. Red
Dingwall Scotty

Out of Stock

75 Medium sized red tomatoes in clusters of 6-8 fruits. Medium production on large vines. Red
Dixie Golden Giant

75 Very large orange beefsteaks that surprised us as to how well the plants beared. 1-1.5 lb tomatoes are great for slicing or diced in salads or salsas. Orange

75 Produces large sweet purple-pink fruits with few seeds. Pinkish-Purple

75 A large producer of 12 oz. fruits over a long growing season.  High in acid....great for canning!!  Originally from Bulgaria. Red
Earl of Edgecomb

75 Plants are covered with 3" round orange tomatoes. Good flavor, somewhat seedy. New Zealand. Orange  New Zealand 
Eva's Purple Ball

75 From the Black Forest region in Germany.  Pinkish-purple fruits are round and blemish free.  Excellent producer in hot climates, very disease resistant.   Pinkish-Purple


75 5-6" long paste tomatoes that have a hollow seed cavity with very few seeds. Unique shape, some resembling a goose head!
Garden Peach

80 Light yellow fruits that have a fuzz to them resembling mini peaches. Some have a light pink blush when fully ripe. Plants are loaded with fruits that withstand cracking. Yellow
German Johnson

80 Another great named tomato...12-24 oz. tomatoes that have a mild flavor and an outstanding yield!!!  Highly recommended!!.  Red
Giant Belgium


80 A very popular heirloom variety.   12-24 oz. fruits are very sweet and excellent slicers...these tomatoes are huge!!!.Red
Giant Colossal

80 An heirloom variety with a very big name.  Fruits from our plants were up to 1 1/2 lbs. with a majority between 10-14 oz.  Good flavor and heavy producer. Red
Giant Oxheart


80 8-10 oz. fruits are crack free and disease resistant. Red
Golden Egg


80 Bright yellow egg shaped tomatoes with a mild flavor and full of juice.  Bigger than a cherry tomato. Many clusters of 6-10 per plant. Yellow
Golden Treasure 

Out of Stock

80 A round yellow tomato with a unique "fuzzy" texture. This is similar to Garden Peach. Flavor is good and production is average. Yellow
Green Grape


75 Green cherry tomatoes....who would have thought!!  These ripen fully green!!  They make excellent sauces, soups, paste...definitely gourmet!!  Green
Green Zebra


75 Green with light green/yellow stripes...these add a very unique color to dishes and salads as well as having a great full bodied tomato flavor.  Green
Halfmoon China

80 8-10 ounce cream colored tomatoes have a very mild flavor. Not quite as large as White Wonder.

75 A small pinkish red pleated tomato similar in shape to Ceylon. Some people love Hank for its production and acid flavor. Other people say it is too seedy.  The jury is out so you can decide on your own. Pinkish-Red
Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry


75 Bright Yellow cherry tomatoes on vines that produce several hundred fruit per plant. Great flavor and excellent in salads or sliced with olive oil and mozzarella cheese. Yellow
Hawaiian Pineapple

85 Beautiful reddish orange fruits that are golden yellow when sliced.  A good yielder. of 5" diameter fruits...these are large!!  Reddish-Orange
Hazel Mae


85 A large pale yellow beefsteak that is very mild and low in acid. Makes great sandwiches for those who love tomatoes but have problems with the acid. 1 lb. fruits are common. Yellow


80 A medium sized red paste tomato originally from Africa. Does well in extreme heat. Average yield. Cameroon
High Country


70 A very productive plant producing loads of 3-4 oz. round orange/red tomatoes.  Reddish-Orange


80 You'll want to try this just for the name...originally from the hills of West Virginia.  These outstanding 12-24 oz. fruits are reddish orange with streaks of red and pink. Reddish-Orange
Indian Moon


80 Nice 5-6 oz. globes are green then yellow then bright orange. Medium production of good tasting juicy fruits. Orange
Jersey Devil

Out of Stock

70 5-6" long pointed red tomatoes. These are great for sauces as they are very meaty and have few seeds. Vines are productive and tomatoes keep well. These were one of the last varieties we picked this past year. Reddish-Orange
Kentucky Beefsteak

80 From the hills of Eastern Kentucky.  Deep orange colored fruits are up to a pound....not as big as original claims but nice and colorful.  Somewhat late in ripening.   Orange
Laham Pink


80 A 10-12 ounce tomato with a unique pinkish sheen and a mild flavor. A good solid tomato for slicing. Plants yield 15-20 fruits each.
Lillian's Yellow

80 Heavy yields of clear yellow fruits with an excellent flavor. Yellow
Livingston's Favorite

75 A Livingston tomato developed in 1883. Medium sized uniform bright red fruit bears in clusters of 4-5 and withstand cracking.  Red
Livingston's Gold Ball

70 Gold Ball lives up to its name as vines are covered with loads of bright yellow globes. Larger than cherry tomatoes Yellow
Livingston's Golden Queen

80 A great looking medium sized yellow beefsteak introduced by the Livingston Seed Company in the late 1800's. Ripe fruit have a pinkish hue at the blossom end. Good flavor and just the right size for sandwiches. Yellow
Livingston's Magnus

70 A medium sized red tomato with somewhat flattened fruit. Tomatoes resist cracking. Vines are large and produce an excess of fruit.  Red
Livingston's Paragon

75 The first tomato in the United States that was offered by the Livingston Seed Company as being the perfect "commercial" tomato. The Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival celebrates this tomato every year in their Tomato contest.  Red
Livingston's Perfection

70 A smooth skinned red variety that resists cracking and produces good yields. Medium sized fruits are good for canning or slicing in salads. Red
Mama Rosas


80 A large paste variety similar in appearance to Amish Paste. Orange Red fruits are thick and somewhat pointed. Good solid meats means this tomato produces good sauce.
Market Miracle

80 5-6 oz. red fruits on prolific vines. Good overall tomato for canning and salsas. Red


80 A French heirloom, ribbed red fruit are 6-9 oz. Plants Red
Martino's Roma

75 This is the most productive paste tomato we have seen. The plants literally exploded with 3-4 oz. dark red paste tomatoes in clusters of 5-8. Red  Italy
Matt's Wild Cherry

80 A very prolific producer of dime sized cherry tomatoes that have an extremely sweet flavor.  This variety originates from Mexico where it grows in the wild. Red
Missouri Pink Love Apple

80 10 oz. beefsteak type fruits that are full of juice and flavor. Nice uniform fruits. Pinkish-Red
Money Maker


60 A very old heirloom from England.   Bright red clusters of fruits an plants that are very reliable.  We had at least 60 fruits per plant. Red
Mortgage Lifter

60 Very large pinkish-red fruits that are very meaty with few seeds.  Good producer in drought stricken areas. Pinkish-Red


60 Small 4-5 oz. red fruits are sweet and very early, even earlier than Stupice. Red
Mr. Stripey



Red and yellow striped fruits that are low in acid...great as a fresh slicer. Red and Yellow

Mule Team


60 Medium sized red fruits bear continuously on this hardy heirloom up through the beginning of fall. Red
Nebraska Wedding

60 Deep orange colored fruits up to 10 ounces in large clusters. Orange
Noir de Crimee

80 Similar to Black Krim with dusky brown sides and greenish shoulders. A great spicy flavor with a smoky overtone. Fruits are 8-12 oz.
Old German


85 Great slicing tomato with reddish-yellow fruits weighing up to 2 pounds.  This heirloom has a Mennonite origin in Virginia. Red and Yellow
Old Virginia


85 Huge 1-1.5 lb. Fruits that are solid and full of great tomato flavor. 10-12 tomatoes per plant. Red
Omar's Lebanese

70 A great tomato from a small Lebanese hill town.  Red, meaty fruits have an excellent rich flavor and are very productive. Red
Orange Oxheart

70 Orange ox-heart shaped fruits that average 10-12 ounces. Orange
Pantano Romaneso

70 10 oz. Red fruits slightly ribbed, similar to Costoluto Genovese but not quite as flat. Good Flavor, medium seed count.   Red Italy
Paul Robeson


70 A great "black" with a flavor that rivals Black Krim. 
Peacevine Cherry

70 Vines are loaded with clusters of great tasting tomatoes that are smaller than a dime! Hundreds of tomatoes per plant. Very good addition to salads. Red
Polish Giant


75 An heirloom variety from Poland.   Vigorous plant produces mild flavored hefty red fruits that are great for slicing and salads. Red
Principe Bourgese

75 A nice Italian drying tomato. Grows in clusters of small bright red oblong fruits that dry well or can be used in sauces. Red  Italy
Prize of the Trials

75 A small orange cherry type tomato which is an excellent bearer of heavy clusters of 6-8 fruits  Great for slicing in salads.  Orange
Purple Calabash

75 3-4 oz. Flattened purple globes that are ribbed. Very nice sliced and mixed with Red Calabash. Many seeds.
Red Brandywine

75 An Amish heirloom variety.  A bright red fruit with a superb flavor similar to the other black and yellow varieties. Red
Red Calabash

75 3-4 oz. Flattened red globes that are highly ribbed or ruffled. Red
Red Cup


80 An extremely ribbed red tomato that has several hollow chambers. Greenish yellow shoulders. Blue Ribbon Winner at the 2004 Reynoldsburg tomato Festival. Red
Red Pear


80 Similar to its yellow cousin, this plant produces 100's and 100's of 1/4 oz. red pear shaped fruits.  Mix these in with the yellow version and have a great salad that rivals a gourmet restaurant. Red
Rose de Berne

80 5-6 oz. fruits that are full of flavor with a nice uniform shape and red color. Switzerland
Russian 117


75 Large 16 oz red oxheart shaped fruits are very solid and great for slicing. A very good tasting tomato. Russia Red


75 A great canner....6-8 ounce bright red fruits bear heavily on disease resistant plants. Red
San Marzano


75 A great paste tomato with a bright red color and heavy walls...great for sauce and catsup. Red


75 Another great paste tomato...larger than San Marzano.  Fruits are up to 6 inches long and are bright red. Red


50 A very early medium sized red tomato. Flavor is average but great if you are limited to a very short growing season. Russian origin. This variety was reported to be smuggled out of Russia in the 70's. Red
Smeig Craig


75 A striped red and yellow tomato similar in appearance to Green Zebra but red. Plants produce an average set of 4-6 oz. Fruits. Red
Snow White


75 A very small white cherry tomato that has a unique mild taste. Looks great mixed with red and yellow pear tomatoes  in salads. Also great for snacking in the garden.


75 An heirloom from Poland.  A dark pink fruit with low acid and great taste.  A good slicer due to its flat shape. Pink


70 This is an extremely productive current type tomato that produces hundreds of pea sized tomatoes packed with flavor. Won the 2003 Reynoldsburg smallest tomato contest! Caution: Do not plant this close to other heirlooms if you are a seed saver as it will cross-pollinate easily.
Stump of the World

85 Good sized light red fruits are solid and full of flavor. Plants produce a medium yield of fruits that are irregular shaped but make up for it in flavor. Pinkisk-Red


70  This one is from Czechoslovakia!!  A very early producer with excellent yields of 1-2 ounce fruits....the fruits are small but very flavorful and early!! Red
Super Sioux


70  A very heat resistant variety that produces thick walled bright red fruits. Red


70  Bright yellow/orange fruits are tangerine shaped and good producers. Yellow/Orange
Tartar from Mongolstan

70 A good producer of medium sized reddish orange tomatoes that are solid and well flavored. This is a good all around tomato.Red  


70 Medium sized round red fruits on disease resistant plants. Good yields.  Red     Greece
Tiny Tim


90 This is the smallest tomato plant we offer...a mere 7-9" tall when grown in a flower pot, about 12" tall when grown in the filed. Produces clusters of small red cherry tomatoes. This is a great conversation piece...not for those who need hundreds of tomatoes per plant..this yields about a dozen.  Red
Triple Crop


90 12-16 oz. Dark pink fruits weigh down a vine that will easily outgrow standard tomato cages. 20-30 lb. Yields per plant under ideal growing conditions.
Yellow Brandywine

75 An Amish heirloom variety.   A bright yellow fruit with a superb flavor similar to the other black and red varieties. Yellow
Watermelon Beefsteak

75 This variety is a very old heirloom variety that produces pinkish-red tomatoes with a darker colored flesh shaped like a watermelon. Pinkish-Red
White Beauty

70 A nice white tomato somewhat smaller than White Wonder and has more of a clear white appearance. Nice mild flavored tomatoes are good in white sauces or mixed in with reds in salads or sliced.
White Wonder

75 One of the few "White" colored tomatoes.  This is a very sweet variety that bears small to medium sized fruits that give a nice contrast to all the other reds, yellows, and purples around. Wh
Yellow Pear

75 This is from the plant that took over one of our raised beds....a single plant produced over 1100 1/4 oz. bright yellow pear shaped tomatoes.  These have an excellent flavor and can be used in salads or eaten right from the garden.  We even made yellow tomato sauce with gourmet! Yellow
Yellow Perfection

75 2" diameter round bright  yellow  fruits are low in acid. Prolific plants grow 3-4 feet tall.
Yellow Stuffer

85 A hard to find variety that we have had several requests for.  Bright yellow fruits are shaped like blocky bell peppers and are excellent for stuffing. Yellow
Zapotec Pleated

85 Highly pleated pink fruit that is very unique. Good flavor and great presentation when sliced.

 Red   Mexico


80 Medium sized dark red fruits are slightly blocky and have an excellent flavor. Great for slicing and in salsa.  Red  
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